Our Story

We grew up in poverty, but were fortunate enough to have a great mother who wanted more for her children.  Our mother worked 7 days a week just to make ends meet while we focused on getting a quality education.  She made us go to school outside our neighborhood, exposed us to different cultures, and put us in touch with people who gave us different outlooks on life.  Although our mother was never able to leave public housing, she did lay the foundation for us to leave.

We both have excellent credit scores, own property, and are financially free.  In addition, we’ve gone to Ivy League schools, worked for Goldman Sachs, and have traveled the world (25+ countries and counting).  From our experiences, we have concluded that there are key things you must learn and do when it comes to personal finance in order to break the constraints of your social class.

We always told our mother we would do our best to make her life easier, but unfortunately she died before we could fulfill our promise.  Though it’s too late to help her, we aim to pay it forward by helping others with the knowledge we gained and continue to seek.  Our goal is to give you the edge to bridge the social gap and make your life easier in different areas.  All that we ask is that you put in the effort to make use of the information we provide.  We’re proof that your circumstances don’t dictate your destiny so take the chance and try something new.




I'm a New Yorker and a Jane of all trades. I’ve worn many hats in life from being a DJ to working on Wall Street. I can get by in three different languages, have a black belt, and laugh at almost anything. I also have a undergrad degree from Columbia University and an MBA in Finance from NYU.

Money has always played a significant role in my life and I began to understand the importance of it at a very young age. However, it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I received practical advice about personal finance. Once I applied the financial knowledge that I learned, I stopped living check to check and started my journey of financial independence. To further my knowledge, I decided to get an MBA in Finance while I was working full time at Goldman Sachs. I was one of the youngest in my class and graduated before I turned 30.

I care about children, the environment, fairness and my fellow man. I want to help bring some clarity to those seeking peace of mind through finance. Although sometimes when giving advice I can be a little too honest and a little too loud, I mean well and just have to be me!




Hello I'm Nadia, the co-content creator for Edge and Effort. I decided to leave the corporate world towards the end of 2013 to spend more time with my family, manage the construction on my investment property, and become an entrepreneur.

I graduated from Columbia University with a degree in International Political Science. I had dreams of traveling the world and using the many languages I acquired. However, after the passing of my mother, I took the first job I was offered for financial stability. I worked for Goldman Sachs and after almost 8 years, I then left for the exciting world of consulting. I was quickly given a lot of responsibility and got the opportunity to be a bit of an entrepreneur. However, the problem I had with both careers was that my time was never my own. I can't remember a year when I worked less than 80hrs a week. When I decided to start my family, I knew I had to choose what was the best for my health and family. Since I had focused on becoming financially stable in my younger years, the choice was obvious. I left the corporate world and I haven't looked back.

In my opinion, many people just need a person in their corner to give them a push they need to get their finances in order. I am passionate about helping others change their current situation. I can sometimes come off as tough, but it’s only because I care. I believe if you want something bad enough, with hard work, the right information, and patience you will achieve it.