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How to invest with as little as $5

The word investing is a word that has the power to paralyze people from taking action. You know you should do it, but don’t know where or how to start.  This post is meant to help you pull the trigger on investing and start you on the path to controlling your financial future.  Investing can […]

How to save $1000

If you ever wondered where your money went, this will give you the answer.  Our envelope trick is an easy way to use the power of cash to keep track of your spending habits. The envelopes are meant to help you monitor fluctuating expenses. If you are committed, this technique will work and you will have […]

Truth About Credit Card Payments

  Balance vs. Monthly Payment Have you ever wondered why your card balance is so low, but your monthly payment is so high?  It’s because your monthly payment is based on your balance plus the interest you owe the credit card company.  The interest you pay is based on your APR and the average daily […]